Christmas Decor Snippets

A good home decor blogger would have already staged and photographed a proper Holiday home tour for you this year and posted it in November. Maybe next year that will be me. This year I am asking Santa to bring us a new dishwasher because ours decided to break and sprung a huge leak that caused major damage in the kitchen…that I just finished painting. We currently have MDF duct taped “floor” over a sub floor. Good times.

Because of that chaos, I couldn’t get everything together enough to show you a fancy version of Christmas around here, so I am going to share some bits and pieces of some of our holiday decor around the house instead.

First of all, this was the year of garland. Whether it was a DIY Felt Chain one or the fancy one on our fireplace mantel, we really bought more garland than anything. That vintage looking tree pillow is from H&M and our Christmas Village is almost a decade old and from Costco.

I get a lot of questions about that mirror and I managed to snag that at Winner’s for around $80 (HomeSense also has lots that come in stock). It’s a replica of the Room and Board Loft 36″ Round Mirror.



Our tree this year we did a simple navy and blue. We usually do a red and white one in the living room, but we moved the tree to this room this year (otherwise known as our future dining room) and loved it so much that this spot will be it’s permanent home.

Next year I want an even darker navy scheme. Maybe with some copper or rose gold. Or maybe a deep plum.


Our white paint loving selves took the plunge and did a Navy accent wall using Behr Poppyseed and loved it so much I am painting our entire main floor bathroom in it. Those wall sconces by the way are incredible. I read a couple of reviews of them on Amazon and there were some complaints with the bulbs in them flickering on a dimmer. We have both the vintage bulbs and they’re on a dimmer and we’ve had absolutely no issues.

They’re called the CLAXY Ecopower Industrial Edison Antique Glass Wall Sconces. You can buy them here on and If you’re in Canada and they’re sold out, these ones by Permo are very similar and look just as beautiful.


We have these little accessories decorations and I joke that I need more shelves to put them on. Case in point, we have no more room on the above credenza for this cute little set up from Lowe’s Christmas Village to add to our existing Christmas Village.


Then there’s this ridiculously cute vintage replica of the ceramic Christmas tree that everyone had in the 70’s and 80’s that now sell on Kijiji for hundreds. This one is also from Lowe’s.




The famous Christmas Vacation Moose Mug!! We were looking for this for years.


This little Polar Bear snow globe is from Winners.


And one of the many reasons I miss Target in Canada. Our Red Led lantern. That luckily you can buy online from different retailers.


I would show you more of our wrapping paper and boxes under the tree, because I am supposed to wrap fake empty boxes to match our room decor so you can pin a pretty photo, but we’ve got Darth Vader paper under there mixed in with some wrapping paper from the last years Christmas wine bottle wrap.

So I leave you with the pretty wrapping job I’ve done so far this year on this year’s Christmas bottle(s) of wine.



If you want more DIY projects and Holiday inspiration, feel to check out my Holiday Project Gallery. My favourite is Halloween but I am married to Clark Griswold here so there’s a lot of holiday negotiations that happen. I apologize in advance for the emptiness of Easter. I am working on it.


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    December 21, 2016 at 2:30 am

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year

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      December 22, 2016 at 11:01 am

      Thank you Susan! Have a great Christmas and New Year as well!

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