Cinnamon Stick Ornament / Gift Topper

Would you all kill me if I spent more time styling a photo and just taking Christmas pictures for the rest of this crafting challenge? Because I am having way more fun sorting out how to take the photos than doing the actual crafts. Shhhh…

I made these with the hope that they’d add some cinnamon scent to our Christmas tree in the basement. But very much like the mythological creature that is the cinnamon stick wrapped candle that is all over the internet, well…they don’t smell as much as I’d hoped. I mean they do when you’re close up but nothing to the effect that the scented baking soda dough ornaments I made last year with actual cinnamon oil did. So if you’re looking for a stronger scented version you’d be better off making a cinnamon stick simmering potpourri or just scenting some wood with your cinnamon oil.

That being said they’re still an easy and cute craft. Get some cinnamon sticks and wrap them up with twine and bells. Instant ornament. Or gift topper.

Cinnamon Stick Ornaments - northstory

DIY Cinnamon Stick Ornaments - Gift Toppers - northstory

Cinnamon Stick Ornaments - Gift Toppers - northstory

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