DIY Mini Wishing Jar Ornaments – a great keepsake craft!

I spent the better part of our weekend cleaning up glitter. So of course I am going to share with you how you too can clean up your own glitter that will make its way onto every surface of your home, just by making these cute “Wishing Jar” ornaments.

I am half kidding. Yes it’s a bit messy but your kids will love it. Really.

Here’s what you’ll need:

 We gathered up all our supplies and cut out some pieces of paper that could be wrapped into a scroll. It is very important to tie the scroll BEFORE you put it in the jar, as you will rip the paper when you try and take it out.

We decided to make “wishing jar” ornaments with these. Meaning on the scroll, you write a wish you’d like to come true. The only catch is, it can’t be a wish for something material and it also could (should) be for someone else. The idea was to spread some good love and positivity to the universe or the recipient of the jar. So the girls wrote down their wishes and filled their jars with the scrolls, stars and so much glitter.

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