DIY Rustic Christmas Wreath – featuring clay ornaments and felt hearts!

The only time of year you will ever hear me speak the words “Rustic” and “Decor” in the same sentence is around Christmastime. It’s not that I don’t like farmhouse and rustic decor (I think it’s beautiful) it’s just not necessarily our overall home aesthetic. However, Christmas time is a time where your house can explode into a calculated mess of everything red, traditional, kitschy, glitter bombs, wood and substances you didn’t even know could be used to make decorations and everyone will still say “I love it all! Suddenly the words “Rustic Christmas Wreath” seem more fitting.

The easiest way to achieve this decorator magic is by hanging fairy lights in every room and people will think your house is the greatest decorated home on the planet. Am I right?

Christmas is the exception to every decorating rule. So therefore, I break my rustic rule here (I actually have no choice, my husband loves a traditional Christmas) and pretend I am in some farmhouse in the middle of nowhere with snow falling all around me outside, stars twinkling in the sky and me sipping some Bailey’s in my coffee in front of a cobblestone fireplace.

That imaginary house is where this wreath should be. Instead it’s in my house in the suburbs. So let me share with you how to evoke your own farmhouse in the middle of nowhere magic so that you can make your own.

DIY Rustic Christmas Wreath – featuring clay ornaments and felt hearts!

Start with a grapevine wreath form.


Get some twine and pom poms and using a glue gun, glue the pom poms to the twine. If you can’t find pom poms in your area, there are tons on Amazon.


In the meantime, you want something hanging in the middle of your wreath. I added a little touch of Scandinavian to this and used some sticky felt hearts leftover from a Valentine Craft and the stars that we made using the Baking Soda Dough ornament recipe.


Add a Cardinal decoration, mix it all together and you’ve got yourself this. A simple rustic wreath!









For more wreath ideas, feel free to check out my Project Gallery or type in “Wreath” in the search box on the Main page. For a girl who didn’t make a lot of wreaths less than 5 years ago, I now have tons.

Such as these:

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