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DIY – Twig Wreath

I need another wreath in this house like my husband needs another Christmas tree. We have four Christmas trees, including the new 9 foot one in our living room. Nine feet. What? I mean who does that? Oh wait, my husband.

But of course when you get an idea in your head in the late summer when you’re pruning dogwood bushes and think to yourself “These would make a great wreath form”, you make it anyway.

Here’s what I did to make this one just in case you’re feeling crafty when you’re in your garden trimming your bushes. Started with a pile of dogwood shrub clippings and then pruned the leaves off of them. By pruned I mean took my rubber gloves and ran up each stem til the leaves came off.

Then I got some twine and started to piece the clippings together as seen below.

At this point I realized if can’t see anything on the grass, you won’t either. So this is my fancy wreath form shot.

Then I got my gold spray paint because we are all addicted to gold spray paint.

Then let it dry and leave it in your basement for 3 months. I am kidding. That’s just me.

Next up gather up some felt and a glue gun. Cut out a bunch of white felt leaves in the same idea as my Christmas felt wreath and my Fall felt wreath.

Glue on your leaves and then decide it feels too plain and add some mini red pom poms.

And now it looks like festive, late Fall meets Christmas twig wreath! Feels a bit Scandinavian as well and you know I love Scandinavian design.

Can you tell I didn’t know where to hang it? This is what happens when you have about a dozen Christmas wreaths you’ve made, everywhere in your house. It’s on the back of kitchen door now. The end.

But just in case you want to see the other wreaths I’ve made – CLICK HERE.

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    Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc.
    December 12, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    I was literally giddy to come read this one, man – I’ve already said this but your wreaths – AND felt skills!!! You NEED to sell these!

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