Glow Stick Skeleton Bones – Candy Free Halloween Treats

What started out with Glow Stick brooms has morphed into me, every year, trying to think of fun ways to transform glow sticks into something else. For all those people who need cute party favours or class treats, these posts are for you. This year may I present Glow Stick “Skeleton Bones”.

What you’ll need:

  • Glow Sticks
  • Heart Shape Paper punch
  • Scissors
  • Black cardstock
  • Glue gun

Step 1 – Using your heart punch, punch out a bunch of paper hearts. Then take your scissors and cut off the bottom triangle part of the heart shape.

Step 2 – Using your glue gun, glue the paper hearts at the end of your glow sticks. You can do this on one side or both. Your choice.

Step 3 – You’re done! Or you can personalize it with a gift tag for each recipient.

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