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Have a Very Merry Scandi-Canadian Christmas with Lowe’s! #LoveLowes

If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you will know I have a very fun rapport with the Lowe’s Twitter social media team. They affectionately share my sense of humour and I have repeated many times of how they are a great example of a brand that really understands how to do social media well. So when I got an email from their PR team asking if I wanted to join their Blogger Program and collaborate on a holiday post, I was like “Sure let me think about that for about 5 seconds!”. It’s like turning down a Christmas present. You’re talking to a woman who has tweeted about her husband taking her to Lowe’s in October to look at Christmas decorations.

I knew instantly what I wanted to do and that was our fireplace mantel. We had just finished painting and redoing the trim on our very old and very dated fireplace and last Christmas (which was the first year in our new home) we didn’t do anything with it because it was a disaster and oh yes, it was broken. This year, it works, it provides heat and it needed to be decorated ASAP.

Now our style tends to lean more towards the Scandinavian end of things. Think lots of white paint, natural wood, greenery, plants, textured knits and accent colours. Simple and clean. My life motto for decor is uncomplicated. But there’s this other side that loves the Canadiana side of things – rustic, cabin like, cozy with touches of antiques. Therefore I affectionately call my style Scandi-Canadian (you can thank my friend Tara at Suburble for that one and see her Lowe’s post right here!)

So let’s get to it because I can talk forever. This is we created a simple Scandinavian influenced fireplace mantel that looks like this:




Step 1 – Paint all your walls white. I am kidding. Invest in a good garland.

A really good garland. A lot of Scandinavian homes tend to have white walls. This is partially to contrast the lack of daylight during the cold seasons so the white walls tend to brighten up the space.

When you have a clean, bright space, your accessories and materials and their texture are everything when it comes to being a focal point in your decor. We chose the GE Pre-Lit 9-ft L Branch Garland which lets you choose the colour lights you want. It’s made from at least 3 different styles of faux tree branches and therefore it’s nice and rich looking.




And if you’re anything like our house, there are full on wars over what colour the lights should be each year. This way, you can do either, depending on what suits your mood that day.



Step 2 – Pick great lighting accents to create a cozy environment.

When you have a lot of white backdrops in your space, you have to ensure good lighting to balance out that stark feeling that can come from that type of environment. Cozy lighting is very important.

I have been searching for the little metal home candle lanterns forever. Needless to say I was SO excited when I found these Holiday Living Metal Candle Holder’s at Lowe’s. They’re simple but they are also are such a great centrepiece decoration. Our kids seriously think they are the cutest things ever. They are however not allowed to touch them as apparently they thought using them as little “Frozen” figurine Anna and Elsa’s homes was a great idea. No, says the Grinch!


I also chose the Inglow Lighted Candle Winter Scene battery operated birch candles, which have a timer. I love battery operated candle that have a timer! Because seriously, you do not have the time or patience to go and turn on every light each night. Set it once, and it turns on and off every night at the same time.



This little gem is one of my favourites – the Holiday Living 9-in Battery-Operated Led Decorative Candle – and we almost didn’t pick it up because I wasn’t quite sure if it fit the space. But this isn’t just a candle where you shake it manually and the glitter moves around. Oh no.

It has a little motor fan at the bottom of it, that when you turn it on, a funnel of glitter starts spin magically, like you have fairy dust being blown everywhere. IT’S INCREDIBLE to look at (I have a photo of it at night, further down the post).


Step 3 – Add some classic Canadiana in the mix.

Think red, think ski’s, think green wreaths – things you would find in a cabin in the woods during a cold winter’s night. The stockings are the Holiday Living Knit Stockings hung on their Haute Decor Decorative Silver Metal Mantel Clips and we picked up some of Lowe’s poinsettia’s from their Garden Centre. My husband is taking bets on how long I will keep them alive.





I chose the Holiday Living 24-in Monroe Pine Artificial Christmas Wreath and strung some lights through it and tide the Holiday Living 18.5″ Wood Ski decorations on it with fishing line. To hang it, we used the Holiday Living Plastic Suction Cup and adhered it to the window.



The wreath balances out the garland and looks really great in the window that’s conveniently over our fireplace (it’s a love hate thing for me). Our living room has six windows and I believe 18 foot ceilings. It is a southern exposure and we get a LOT of light.

Still don’t have blinds or curtains: I am sure the neighbours wish we did. But we love the loft feeling of the room as all our other rooms have barely 9 foot ceilings. It’s an older home with a lot of character.


While everything looks clean and bright and happy during the day, the real magic happens at night…




Seriously, this candle!!!! It’s like watching fairies dance.




I hope you can recreate your own Scandinavian Canadiana mantel and have a great holiday season!

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Disclaimer: This post was brought to you in partnership with Lowe’s Canada. As always, opinions and photos are my own.

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    November 29, 2016 at 11:08 am

    I love your style and creativity, Alex. Hope it is passed on to my Granddaughters.

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