How to make an Orb Pendant Light

Me – “I think I am going to write about the orb light this week.”

My husband – “Didn’t you already do that post?”

Me – “No. Why?”

My husband – “Well, because we made it years ago.”

Me – “That’s why I am writing the post.”

There are a lot of projects that we do around the house, that I often want to post about but for some reason never wind up doing so. Sometimes we make something and while we like it, I don’t know if it’s blog content worthy. Other times there was no time to take proper photos of the process. But most of the time when I forget to post about it, it’s when our (read: my) attempt to make something goes terribly wrong and the project flat out fails.

That’s how this one started out.

Orb pendant lights started kicking into high gear a while back and everyone was like “OMG! I want one!!” They were like mason jars. My God those will just not die. While I loved orb lights, what I hated was the pricing. Seriously, go Google some. The low end you’ll start around $100. Maybe. The good stuff, goes way, way, way up in price.

So of course I was like, I am going to make one and I’ll show those expensive designer’s I can do this for $5, or something to that naive train of thought. I had a thousand embroidery hoops around the house from thrift stores which seemed like a natural fit to create an orb. I do enough embroidery hoop projects so it seemed like a win win. Here’s a small sampling:

DIY Upcycled Planter -

Upcycled Planter

DIY Hanging Planter (3)

Hanging Planter


Round orb bird feeder


Full Moon Halloween front porch decor

DIY Apple Mobile -

Apple Mobile

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath

Upcycled Wool Sock Christmas wreath

How to make a wood wreath - northstory

Wood Christmas wreath

DIY embroidery hoop wreath

Scandinavian inspired Christmas wreath

Embroidery hoops. Seems easy right?

Yeah. No. May I present attempt # 1 at making an orb pendant light.





It was all going super well. Then the orb rolled off the table and this happened.


At that point we realized that the tops of the hoops were too weak to withstand the pressure and size of the pendant light cord. We could have made another with some thicker width embroidery hoops but for some reason did not.

That’s when orb light attempt # 2 happened.

Got some wood veneer.  Cut 5 equal length strips. Glued them together at the ends with E6000 glue and some clamps. Done. Looks great in the photo right? What this doesn’t show is that when you attempt to hang it, the orb droops. And it went from an orb to an oval shape. This would have worked well with thicker wood veneer and oh yes, the glue adhesive on the back of the wood veneer strips not being so blatantly ugly and obvious.

Again the photo looks great, in real life, not so much.


Finally I was like that’s it. This is what we should have done in the first place (aside from the obvious, buy a pre-made orb light, because I know you’re doing the math in your head right now at the supply costs…)

How to make an orb light in 4 easy steps.

Step 1

Buy an orb. Go to HomeSense, Target, Walmart, Marshalls, Home Goods. Everyone has them at this point. This is the one we used and it was from the garden centre area at Target. When Target was still in Canada. But I still can’t talk about that.


This one is at HomeSense just this past week. They are everywhere now.


Step 2.

Buy a pendant light kit. We used this one from Home Depot. It’s called the Westinghouse One Light Adjustable Mini Pendant, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish. It comes in many different colours.


Step 3

Drill a hole in your orb and cover with a small rubber grommet (this is to hold the cord more snugly in place). Insert your cord through the hole and adjust to the length that you desire for your space.


Step 4

Hang your orb light years after you make it and move homes. And buy a nice LED bulb to match. We used the Philips LED Clear one.



PS – we just painted our kitchen cabinets with Fusion Mineral paints (greatest cabinet paint!). This is called progress in a very old kitchen that will one day be gutted.



Do you want some other great DIY Orb light inspiration? Go and check out these great tutorials that each feature a variety of different styles and items used to make their own personalized ones.

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