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Step into the Best Buy She Shed designed by Christine Dovey #BestBuySheShed

Tell me what comes to mind when you think of Best Buy? TV’s, computers and electronics. Tech gadgets right?

What if I told you Best Buy also sells pillows, crystal glasses, dinnerware, rugs, furniture and even stuffed animals? I had absolutely no idea. In fact just this year we wound up getting our gas range from Best Buy and it was to me, a completely unexpected place to buy my appliances. Well, boy was I about to get educated on what else they have in stock.

See, when we bought our gas range, the reps at Best Buy showed us such exemplary customer service, that when I received an invitation to come and visit Best Buy‘s She Shed designed by the talented Christine Dovey at the National Women’s Show in Toronto, it was a very natural fit for me to check out more offerings from this great company. As well I was really looking forward to finally meeting Christine, whose blog and social media I have followed for ages.



She Shed’s are the ladies equivalent to the Man Cave and they have absolutely exploded in popularity in the past several years. For reasons that are fairly obvious. A place to unwind, have some me time and even a great little space to get some work done outside of the home.

Now if anyone can make a She Shed look glamorous it would have to be Christine Dovey, whose style is described as “a blushy cocktail of delicate pretty mixed with a dash of modern edge”. Glamorous. Think, black, white, pink and gold. With bold art work.

I took one step inside the Best Buy She Shed and it was like walking into an extension of Christine’s house.





Yeah. That’s a shed. A SHED.

Let that sink in. Doesn’t feel like one does it? And that’s the whole point. Don’t let the name fool you, shed’s are far beyond places where you store your lawnmower and rakes these days. Let’s be serious. Men got their Man Cave’s and there’s nothing in their man caves that resembles a cave. She Shed’s are spaces where you go to unwind that are an extension of your home and your decor aesthetic should reflect that. Whether your style is glamorous, rustic, farmhouse, traditional, Scandinavian, bohemian, traditional or contemporary, you should strive to make it feel like you. Christine has definitely done that with her She Shed.

The best part? Technology matches any style.

I chatted a bit with Christine about she got involved in the project, how she was going to paint the shed walls pink but decided against it at the last minute (she loves pink) and how great it is to be able to use technology to transform your space. She shared with me some of her best tips on how you can create  your own tech forward She Shed .

Tip #1

Embrace the beautifully designed technology – you no longer have to hide it. Gone are the bulky stereo systems and ugly wires. With items that are carefully crafted and designed, you actually want to display them as focal points in your shed. The fact that a lot of products are now wireless makes installing them that much easier (especially when it comes to the outdoors). Christine featured the Sonos Play 1 Wireless Speaker, the Sony 55” 4K Ultra UDH LED Android Smart TV and the Philips Hue Smart LED Wireless Dimmer.


One Christine’s favourite items – the Dalmation. Yes you can buy this at Best Buy!!


I have 5 remote controls at home. This replaces all of them and then some. Why do I not have this yet?


A security camera is important. So that no one steals your champagne. Champagne? Read on…


Tip #2

Use technology such as high tech locks available on Wired Smart to make your She Shed an expression of you. Among the different lights, Christine used the Nanoleaf Aurora LED Light Panel to “paint” the room with light and it’s one of her favourite pieces in the shed, as you can customize the colours to suit your space.

Want a great smoothie (read: cocktail) or a coffee? Incorporate things like the Vitamix Professional 500 Gallery Countertop Blender or the Keurig K200 Plus 4-Cup Coffee Maker. Christine transformed her window ledge into a mini bar.




The champagne. Christine brought champagne. I tip my hat to her. Cocktail hour in the She-Shed with the Vitamix. Yes please!


See the mint coloured Keurig? I love coloured appliances.


Tip # 3

Make the most out of Modern Technology. Women are using technology in every aspect of their lives from the gym to the kitchen (did I mention the Vitamix? I am kidding) and there are a lot of great products out there to de-stress and aid us in our hectic day to day lives. You should choose products for your She-Shed that suit  your needs and that work best for your lifestyle.

Some of the items Christine featured were Muse Brain Sensing Headband and the Bella Beat LEAF Fitness Tracker.




These caught my eye. The Kate Spade Activity tracker. I have a friend who is a Kate Spade addict and would love these.



To me the most surprising elements of the She Shed were all the items and products that I did not know you could buy at Best Buy.

For example. Pillows.



Accent tables.


Crystal glasses, decanters, lamps, purses, mirror tables and dinner plates.








Dining chairs like the contemporary S chair.


Rugs. Yes rugs. The Kerrisdale 8′ x 11′ Shag Area Rug.


Seriously my older daughter would love this. You can choose from millions of colours for your space.


The thing I enjoyed the most about Christine’s She Shed is that it was full of technology yet it didn’t feel like it was. The tech blended seamlessly with the decor. It was very Christine and very beautifully done. It was so great to finally meet her and she is just as sweet in person as she in online.

Recreating your own She Shed at your own home thanks to Best Buy, will allow you create your own personalized functional living space that combines the best of both worlds – decor and tech.


Don’t forget the security camera. To watch over the champagne of course.


Special Thanks to Best Buy Canada  for collaborating with myself on this post.

 As always opinions on this blog are my own.

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