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The dungeon, part 2

Today it decided to snow. Every weather forecaster in the GTA decided to predict a blizzard. Panic ensued as if Canadians didn’t have the slightest clue what to do at the mere sight of snowflake. What happened? It rained. Slush rain.

However, because we live “North of Hwy 7”, the weather here has a completely different mindset. It could be 30 degrees and sunny south of Hwy 7 and north, you’ll have a blizzard. In our case it just decided to pile on.

So of course today is when the dumpster arrived so we could finish the basement demo. The last time we had it here (when we demolished the old deck), it pissed rain and my husband and brother in law, were soaked moving the remnants from the backyard.

Today however it just me and him. And the snow.

Green monster arrives

Nice and empty

Ready for all this crap

Did I mention our basement is a walk out? Meaning that of all that had to be carried up these stairs?

Not tiring enough? Here’s the other angle

That’s about a week’s worth of weight training and cardio. This calls for Domino’s pizza tonight. Several hours later…

Other view

Our new mud path on the lawn

And done

The best part of this day, aside from the absolutely cathartic experience of smashing big pieces of dry wall into little pieces (seriously who needs therapy? Go smash some drywall. It was way too much fun – not sarcasm) was the fabulous discovery of a VENT that was covered up by drywall. I mean what possible logical use could a vent be in a household right? Why not cover it up with dry wall when building your basement? (see metal tube with white vent cover in right of photo)

It’s a good thing Home Depot changed their slogan from “You can do it. We can help.” to “More saving. More doing.” because that’s exactly what the %[email protected]! happened here. We’re saving money by demolishing this on our own and funny enough, it takes us “More doing”. Because apparently the “You can do it” part was obviously not meant for everyone. Those who can do, do. Those who can’t, have the brain cells to go call up their colleagues who have their own contracting companies and get them to help them build their basements properly. This would probably of been us if we lived in Australia, where we know someone related to Simonds: Australia’s Leading Home Builder (Award Winning), but no, we live where it gets cold and where we have to do everything ourselves. Makes us Stronger.

But seriously, breaking drywall. So. Awesome. Anger issues? What anger issues? Fantastic! Where has this been all my life? Oh right, I spent 21 years living in tiny condos. In my next lifetime I’m going into construction or project management in real estate development. Provided I’m born with better math skills.

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