Upcycled Leather Necklace

Rumour has it that the season of spring has arrived, though you wouldn’t know it because the weather has been finicky. One day it snows (seriously, it’s April) and the next it’s BBQ season. I’ve been in a fog of butcher block and IKEA so the craft projects have fallen to the way side around here. Even my kids are outside and computer screen-less the moment the sun comes out. This is a GREAT thing.

But on the rare days when the sun does come out and inspiration hits, you get into the garage and make, make, make and take full advantage that spray painting season has arrived. Yes we get 4 months here in Canada for that. Don’t be jealous now.

I thought with Mother’s Day coming up it would be nice to make a personalized necklace that could be bit of a modern Mother’s Day gift. Or heck just make one for yourself. While I am not a big jewelry person, I have a lot of different necklace chains that I am always swapping necklace pendants and making pendants for, depending on the mood or occasion. This weekend I wore one with a skull. But for this project I thought I’d make a simple initial pendant using my kids initials.

What you need:

Gather up all your supplies.

Supplies for making a leather necklace pendant - northstory

Step 1 – Cut out your leather pendant pieces (make them whatever size you’d like).

Step 1 - Cut out pieces for your necklace - northstory

Step 2 – Using the smallest screwdriver in the mini screwdriver set, hammer in or screw through the leather pieces to make holes.

Step 2 - punch holes into your leather - northstory

Step 3 – Punch your letters into your leather.

Step 3 - stamp your leather - northstory

Step 4 – Attach your leather pieces with jump rings.

Step 4 - attach your leather pieces with jump rings - northstory

Step 5 – Attach to your favourite chain and wear.

And try not to take an awkward selfie of you in your new necklace. Seriously this is harder than you can imagine when you don’t have someone taking a photo of you wearing it because the focus never winds up on the necklace. Yes, yes, tripod, schmipod. What I need is a studio, a monitor attached to my SLR and preferably someone to take photos of it for me.

Make your own upcycled leather necklace - northstory

DIY Upcycled Leather necklace - northstory

DIY Leather Initial necklace pendant - northstory

If you don’t want a necklace, may I suggest a wine charm?

It is after all a potential Mother’s Day gift and a good adult child brings their Mom wine for all the years she spent worrying about you. And all the ones to come.


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